you should share your non-rap writings sometime, I think that would be interesting to read

it’s easier to be afraid of you and just hide them

one time on facebook I asked you for a 'milo's essential philosophy' reading list, and i think you replied but it got deleted or "something went wrong"! Can I get a few recommendations?

appiah’s cosmopolitanism
fanon’s wretched of the earth
rorty’s philosophy and the mirror of nature
gusdorf’s speaking
schopenhauer’s world and will as rep
berkeley’s three dialogues

that’s my shit, anyway.

i met you in montauk every night this week. ps, your home video is very cool

i thought that was you

do you write everyday? if so how do you maintain discipline?

every day.

raps are written at home only, and always before eating anything.

if i’m not at home, like on tour, then usually i’m writing without prompt but not raps. raps are only written at home.


Ellen Thesleff, Italian Landscape. (Ellen Thesleff 1869-1954) Finnlander
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Ellen Thesleff, Italian Landscape. (Ellen Thesleff 1869-1954) Finnlander

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Serious question, how'd you meet so many cool people? How'd you build up that creative community you've got goin?

i was willing to be lonely for a long time. 

How do you feel about the size of the universe and also MF DOOM

i have no feelings about the former

i have all the feelings about the latter

is there actual reason why you grow your hair long other than the fact that it looks cool? in one interview you said it was an important symbol, but never really expounded on it.

i haven’t cut my hair since Rob died. 

reccomended poets/poetry?

me and mine; viz., michael eagle II, regan farquhar, david cohn, james mccall, kyle guy, eric ramirez, william thedford IV, alexander kollman, nicholas donalds, max bowen, miles lamensky


my name is rory and i don't know what i'm doing.


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